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Costello’s broad spectrum disease resistance means that it is one of the cleanest varieties in the ground this year.


With good disease resistance ratings across the board and no obvious weaknesses, Costello is also one of only three winter wheat varieties to have both seedling and adult plant resistance to yellow rust.


Despite enormous diversity in the yellow rust population and the confirmation of new races which affect unexpected varieties, Costello has maintained its 9 rating for 2017.

Fungicide programmes being used on Costello reflect its low disease risk, with most growers reporting that it gives them more flexibility with spray timing, as well as product choice.


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Five reasons to grow



Costello has the highest grain specific weight of any winter wheat variety on the AHDB Recommended List, including those that are suitable for bread and biscuit-making.

At 80.1kg/hl, it stands out as being the best for specific weight – something which Costello has been able to hold onto at harvest in wetter seasons.


Costello also offers a very high Hagberg of 326 and a protein content of 11.6%, giving it a grain quality package that outperforms all the other feed wheats, as well as most Group 2 and 3 wheats.






With a very high treated yield of 101, Costello can hold its own in a very competitive group of hard feed varieties.


Its untreated yield of 85 shows just what it is capable of in a difficult season. Giving a lower response to fungicides than many others, it has the ability to withstand many of the disease pressures that come its way in the course of the year.


Costello has given its best performance in the west, but it has a UK-wide recommendation and has shown consistent results across sites, seasons and soil types.



Standing at 82cm tall, Costello is one of the shorter winter wheat varieties on the AHDB Recommended List, making it easy to manage.


Combined with an 8 rating for lodging resistance, Costello’s short, stiff straw means that it will remain upright until harvest, regardless of the site or the weather.


In addition, it has excellent resistance to sprouting – taking the pressure off at harvest.



With its exceptional grain quality characteristics, Costello has been attracting attention from end users for use in grists.Its very high specific weight, together with other quality parameters, means that it is a preferred variety andmay attract a premium – much like its stablemate JB Diego.


In a volatile trading environment and with unpredictable harvest weather, this gives growers more options when it comes to marketing their grain.