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About us

Senova is a private, independent company with seed marketing and crop development at its core. Our approach is progressive and innovative and relies upon market knowledge and understanding.

From its beginning in 1982, when partnered by Guinness, the company has gained an enviable reputation in many market sectors. Purchased by Svalöf Weibull in 1982 Semundo became SW Seed and in September 2006, in a management buy-out by Alexander Harley Seeds and former SW Seed MD Chris Green, SW Seed became Senova. Senova is now a member of the Alexander Harley Seeds Group of companies.

The Senova team remains small and personal and is quick to react, highly motivated with an enthusiasm to succeed. This gives Senova a distinct and unique quality.

As representatives for breeders and developers the Senova portfolio is diverse. We have made considerable inroads into specialist market sectors and are eager to form partnerships with companies who share a commercially adventurous spirit to cross new frontiers and add sustainable value. Pursuit of new market opportunities has been, and remains key to the business.

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