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High yielding winter bean. Good seed size and pale hilum making it suitable for export.

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Like grain peas, field beans have been primarily used for animal feed. However, the grain quality has become increasingly important as crops are exported to North Africa and the Middle East for human consumption. For these markets pale hilums, smooth skin, grains free of bruchid damage and staining are essential.


Beans fit well into the rotation and provide a useful break after cereals and with their flexible sowing window, an opportunity to reduce grass weeds.

UK Pulses

UK Pulses, a joint venture between Senova and Wherry & Sons, specialises in the development, production and commercialisation of pulse crops.The company  combines the strengths and expertise of the two private businesses. Senova now manage the commercialisation of the pulse varieties.

Winter beans

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Senova Winter Bean Growers Guide







Our winter bean growers guide is now available.  


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Early maturing, short, stiff-strawed variety suited to high fertility and moisture production areas.

Popular, widely grown variety producing high yields and

attractive seed for animal feed and export markets.

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