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Biofumigation is a natural approach using plants containing specific biologically active compounds for the control of soil-borne pests and diseases in agricultural crops.


It provides a promising sustainable alternative to the use of noxious chemicals and at the same time will deliver soil and environmental benefits to the farm.


Aware of the benefits of biofumigants, Senova and our sister company Cygnet Potato Breeders have been engaged in trial evaluation of pre-selected varieties for this purpose.



How Biofumigation works

The priciple is based on the use of plants with high levels of glucosinolates, naturally occuring plant sulphur compounds providing the plants protection. When the plants are incoporated into the soil these glucosinolates are broken down by the plant enzyme Myrosinase, producing active phytochemicals, Isothiocyanates (ITCs). The most effective plant species have been found to be brassicas, including oil radish and white mustard.


Benefits of Terraprotect seeds for biofumigation

As a results of research and better understanding it should been possible to select specific varieties of the brassica crops, whose key function is to efficiently produce large quantities of isothiocyanates to combat specific soil-borne pests and pathogens and improve the following crop.




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