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Straw strength / maturity


Costello has short, stiff straw and shows superb resistance to lodging. It shows very good resistance to  sprouting.              





Sowing date

Costello can be drilled from mid September to end of January depending on soil conditions, site etc.

Please consult your agronomist.

Costello is a hard Group 4 feed wheat combining all the features now desired on farm – exceptional grain quality in all conditions, excellent disease resistance, high yields and short, stiff straw.

The superb grain quality and excellent disease resistance of Costello, across a range of seasons and conditions, provide a wider range of market opportunities and offer the grower security, both in crop management and at harvest.




  • Exceptional grain quality

  • Highest specific weight on the AHDB RL

  • High yielding Group 4 wheat

  • Short, very stiff straw

  • Excellent disease resistance

  • Early to ripen

  • Excellent sprouting resistance


Costello produces high treated yields in all locations, rotations and on all soil types. Like JB Diego, Costello performs well in all weather conditions, an important asset on UK farms in recent years.

Costello has outstanding grain quality, with once again the highest specific weight on the AHDB RL and a HFN higher than any Group 4 and most milling wheats. It also has a high protein content.

Superb, reliable grain quality provides growers with security at harvest and widens market opportunities.

Disease resistance


Costello has excellent all-round disease resistance, particularly to yellow rust, Septoria tritici and Fusarium. Costello reduces the risk for growers in high disease seasons and could help to manage costs, which is particularly important in the second wheat situation.

Costellocrop1 winter wheats

Source: AHDB RL 2020/21.

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No.1 for grain quality


Costello has increased in popularity due tio its consistency of performance and grain quality, as shown by the graphs below, where its outstanding specific weight in particular stands out with low variabiliuty. Costello provides growers with a reliable, lower risk option with wider marketability.

Costello, pdf Costello Grain Quality 2020 Costello Treated-Untreated graphs 2020 Costello Hagberg and Specific Weight