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Bento Oil Radish

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A huge increase in free living nematode (FLN) populations over recent years is having a large impact on potato crop productivity. Even relatively low populations of some FLN species can lead to spraing symptoms. Attacks on roots also make plants more susceptible to drought and create wounds which allow other bacteria and fungi to enter into the plant.


Biofumigation is a natural approach using plants containingspecific biological active compounds to suppress soil borne pestssuch as FLN and PCN. The use of biofumigation for nematode control in the UK is still in its infancy but there is a need to develop and extend methods of control.


Bento oil radish could potentially have an effective role as a biofumigant, but more work is needed to fully determine the benefits. Bento, as a cover crop, does however offer other benefits in addition to biofumigation.


• Leafy and fast initial development

• Good weed suppression

• Delivers valuable humus for a biological activation of the soil

• High dry matter yield

• Improves air and water content of the soil

• Protects nutrients from eluviation

• Vitalises soil activity by the supply of easily decomposable organic substance(s)

• Enriches valuable humus.


Bento is an oil radish variety under the brand TerraProtect Seeds.

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