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Growing oil radish - Bento

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Basic information on growing oil radish is below. For more in depth information please consult your agronomist.



Bento is supplied in 25kg bags.


The sowing rate is approximately 25-30kg/ha. To sow use min-till techniques used for OSR establishment or drill. A fine seed bed is required and seed should preferably be drilled 2cm deep nd rolled after drilling.


Pre planting Glyphosate may be required. Generally, Oil Radish competes well with weeds and further herbicides are not normally required. If further treatment is required please contact your agronomist.


Some nitrogen will be required, typically between 40-60Kg N/ha depending on soil nitrogen supply. As much as 90% of this will be returned to the soil once incorporated.


For Biofumigation, the oil radish needs to be chopped, pulverised and ploughed down just after flowering.


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