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Breeder: Josef Breun, Germany
Status: HGCA Recommended List UK, 2014/15 

  • Versatile, very popular, high yielding variety for all rotations and locations
  • High yields on heavy soils
  • Excellent yellow rust resistance
  • Good resistance to Fusarium 
  • Exceptional quality
  • Stiff straw
  • Excellent sprouting resistance
    • The UK's favourite wheat, JB Diego offers the grower a high yielding, consistent hard Group 4 variety with very stiff straw and a solid disease resistance package. JB Diego has the added advantage of exceptional quality, with a very high specific weight. and high hagberg falling number. With its German origin JB Diego brings a welcomed genetic diversity to the UK winter wheat market and is still increasing in popularity in the market.

      JB Diego continues to perform well year on year, site on site, in all major feed wheat growing regions. It is suitable for all soil types and rotations and consistency has been key to its success and popularity on farm. It produces good yields as a second wheat and on heavy soils.



      Source: HGCA RL 2014/15 Full database available at

      The grain quality of JB Diego is exceptional when compared to other leading Group 4 hard wheats, with a superb specific weight, even in difficult years and a hagberg as good as the top milling varieties. It produces a bold, attractive sample.


      JB Diego is similar in height to KWS Santiago and shows very good resistance to lodging.

      JB Diego shows good resistance to the majority of diseases. In particular it has excellent resistance to yellow rust and good resistance to Fusarium. JB Diego finishes well, looking bright in the field and produces bold, bright grains.

            Source: HGCA RL 2014/15. Full database is available at

      JB Diego is a true winter type, showing good winter hardiness. It can be sown from mid September onwards until the end of January. Seed rates will depend on time of sowing, rotational position and prevailing conditions.

      Note, JB Diego is susceptible to chlortoluron.


JB Diego 2014

Source: HGCA Recommended List 2014/15.Full database at

1st cereal T yield (10.4 t/ha) 102 99 106
2nd or more T yield (8.5 t/ha) 102 100 107
East T yield (10.1 t/ha) 102 99 107
West T yield (9.9 t/ha) 102 100 105


Specific weight (kg/hl) HFN Protein Resistance to sprouting
JB DIEGO 77.6 298 11.1 [7]
GRAFTON 77.9 270 11.7 [5]
KWS SANTIAGO 75.0 141 11.0 [5]



Mildew 6 7 4
Yellow rust 8 6 4
Brown rust 5 4 6
Septoria nodorum [6] [5] [6]
Septoria tritici 5 5 5
Eyespot 4 6 5
Fusarium 6 5 6