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  Linseed - faq

When can spring linseed be sown?

Abacus should be sown from mid March to mid April, but can be sown into early May depending on conditions.



What seed rate should I use for spring linseed?

Seed rate in linseed very much depends on the 1000 grain weight of the variety sown. With our variety Abacus, we suggest 650 seeds/m2 planted.  



What is the pack size for spring linseed?

We supply our linseed in 1 acre packs. Depending on 1000 grain weight, this equates to approximately 18Kg. When sown at the recommended 650 seeds per m2, this equates to approximately 2.6 million seeds.


Is spring linseed sold treated?

Yes. Abacus is sold treated with Hypro-Duet plus HySeed.



I'm tempted to grow spring linseed. What are the risk areas?

In a nutshell, achieving good establishment in a dry spring, flea beetle infestation and perhaps the weather at harvesting, in that linseed can be difficult. It is after all a fibre crop and can be tough in wet conditions. In storage linseed is potentially dangerous and should never be walked upon.