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Straw strength/maturity


Mulika has straw of similar length to KWS Willow. It has moderately stiff straw and stands well, but there is insufficient data from AHDB to give a rating. Although Mulika stands well it is advisable to apply a PGR programme, especially on late autumn sowings and growers should consult their agronomist. Mulika is early to ripen.



Disease resistance


Mulika shows good resistance to all diseases and, importantly, is resistant to OWBM.



Mulika remains the only AHDB Recommended Group 1 bread-making spring wheat variety and the market leader. It was the first Group 1 wheat with resistance to orange wheat blossom midge.


Mulika combines a high yield potential, with moderate length straw, good disease resistance and superb grain quality. These attributes ensure that Mulika is the perfect spring crop option to achieve excellent gross margins.



Mulika performs exceptionally well from both autumn and spring sowings, with excellent farm yields over several years. It can be sown from November through to mid April.





Mulika has excellent grain quality characteristics, with a very high hagberg and specific weight and a very good protein content. It performs consistently well in baking tests giving the potential for excellent market premiums.

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Sowing date


Mulika can be successfully grown from November to April. Seed rate depends on drilling date, soil type, seed bed quality, geographic location etc. For advisory seed rates see our variety card, but also consult your agronomist.

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Source: AHDB RL spring wheat 2020.



  • Only Group 1 spring wheat

  • OWBM resistant

  • Farm proven disease resistance

  • Superb grain quality

  • Suits autumn or spring sowing

Source: AHDB RL spring wheat 2020. Full database at

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Source: AHDB RL spring wheat 2020