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What is CropBench+?

CropBench+ is a free, independent and confidential cost management tool provided by AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.The benchmarking tool enables growers to calculate their detailed cost of production and gross margins for their combinable crops.

What is the Senova Oat CropBench+ Group?
The Senova Oat CropBench+ Group has been established to help growers respond effectively to agronomic and market conditions. Facilitated group meetings will provide an opportunity to share valuable information and learn from fellow oat growers in a confidential environment. As with other AHDB Arable Business Groups, rent and finance costs will be excluded from group meetings due to the sensitive nature.

Why benchmark?
By benchmarking in a group situation you can compare your business with fellow growers operating in similar circumstances, identifying the business with the best margins or physical performance and finding out how they do it. Calculating costs of production and net margins can allow you to set targets and monitor your progress against these targets. CropBench+ enables you to plan for a variety of scenarios, such as rotation, budgets, changing the level of crop inputs, altering overhead costs.

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We look forward to helping you to improve the profitability of oats on your farm.