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  Oats - faq

What are naked oats?

Naked oats are oats which thresh free from their husks at combining. Invariably they are high in oil and protein. It is this nutrient density which delivers their added value. This is the driver for their inclusion in poultry and pig rations.


How do naked oats compare to husked oats?

Normally naked oat yields are around 20-25% lower than husked oats. Most premiums do, however, more than compensate for this. Naked oat husbandry is similar to that for husked but they will require more careful combining. For oat agronomy visit our husked agronomy and naked agronomy pages.


Can I buy naked oats to feed my chickens/pigs?

Currently all naked oats are supplied on buy-back contracts. However for integrated units we can consider supply on an individual basis. Contact us for more information.


What premium markets are there for oats? How can i secure a buy-back contract?

The potential health benefits of oats are widely known and products containing the crop are becoming increasingly popular and new added value markets are developing. There is increased interest from the poultry sector in naked oats. Hence the crop attracts a premium and can be grown on buy-back contracts. Contact GB Seeds for further information on naked oat contracts.


What is the latest date I can sow winter oat varieties?

From experience we would suggest for conventional varieties that many varieties have been successfully sown up until the second week of March but this is always at the grower’s risk. Any grower feedback on late oat sowings is always appreciated.


With Take-All resistance, are oats a break crop?

Yes, and with low inputs, increasing the spread of harvest and being an easy fit into most arable rotations, oats should find a place.



I like oats but blackgrass is a problem, what can I do?

In the cereal basket oats remain a minor crop and blackgrass control can be an issue, as with other crops. Companies such as DuPont and Agrii continue to look at cultural and chemical means of control. Chemical control is currently difficult, so cultural methods and delayed drilling look to be more successful currently. Contact Agrii for more information.



Which diseases do I need to be concerned about in oats?

Whilst mildew may be the most common disease it generally does not have an economic impact. Crown rust is increasingly prevalent and is a yield robber. Perhaps the most important problem to avoid could be Oat Mosaic Virus, OMV. Avoid growing oats too close together.



How hardy are winter oats?

Oats are generally hardy in the UK. However, they are one of the softer cereals so much will depend on the state of the crop and the variability in temperature against the growth stage. In recent years the high performance of winter oats versus spring oats has seen the crop successfully extend northward, where the yield advances and easier harvest are appreciated.



Can Moddus be applied to winter oats?

Yes, but follow carefully the maunfacturers guidelines, especially the deadline for application. Apply by GS31 to reduce risk of damage (scorching and stunting). A few growers have reported damage (sometimes on Mascani) where spray overlap has occurred. Help to reduce this by using a slightly lower rate. Consult your agronomist for more detailed information on chemicals.