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  Oilseed rape - faq


Are your spring oilseed rape varieties sold treated?

Yes. Our varieties are supplied treated with Thiram plus Hy-Seed.



Why should I grow spring oilseed rape?

Spring oilseed rape is a low input crop which is easy to manage and harvest and has a flexible sowing window. It spreads the harvest during the busy summer period and is not susceptible to LLS.



In the past I've grown spring rapeseed to replace a failed winter crop and was pleasantly surprised by its yield. As a spring crop why aren't more people growing it?


Spring oilseed rape has tended to be a default crop. By that we mean sown as a replacement to failed WOSR or in a default situation. As a crop in its own right it can offer a good economic return for those farmers who have got spring sowing possibilities. Problems can occasionally occur at establishment and also through migrations of pollen beetle from neighbouring winter crops. The crop's low nitrogen demand might appeal to many going forward.