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As a spring break crop peas have much to offer due to their nitrogen fixing ability and early harvest. The market is diverse, from vining and marrowfats used for human consumption through to peas directly incorporated into animal feeds. Economic viability is best achieved through yield reliability and ease of harvesting.

High yielding white pea variety with good standing ability, resistance to pea wilt and downy mildew.

New to PGRO RL 2017. Highest yielding white pea variety.

New to PGRO RL 2017. High yielding variety for the large blue pea market. .

News - Senova and Wherry form UK Pulses

UK Pulses, a newly formed joint venture between Senova and Wherry & Sons, is to specialise in the development, production and commercialisation of pulse crops.

The new company will combine the strengths and expertise of the two private businesses.