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Prospect is a variety with potential for both brewing and distilling. It is under test with the maltsters. Prospect has a very good specific weight, 67.6 kg/hl and importantly low screening losses.






Prospect is currently in AHDB Recommended List Trials for harvest 2019.

It is a very high yielding variety with potential for both brewing and distilling. Prospect combines a superb performance across all regions of the UK with good grain quality and low screening losses, a solid agronomic package and excellent disease resistance.




Prospect produces exceptionally high yields in all regions It also has very high untreated yields.

Products Spring Barley

Source: AHDB RL spring barley candidates 2019

Trial seed barleyT1 Candidate CMYK sm



Prospect has short straw and shows excellent resistance to lodging and low brackling. Importantly, for the potential distilling markets it is early to ripen. Prospect has mlo resistance to mildew and good brown rust resistance. There are no AHDB ratings for other diseases currently.




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