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With its excellent agronomic features and superb disease resistance Scout offers flexibility on disease control, providing a variety which is easier to manage and reducing the risk to the grower.                             




Straw strength/maturity


Scout has very stiff, short straw. It is slightly later to mature.



Disease resistance


The disease resistance of Scout remains very good. Scout is also resistant to orange wheat blossom midge (OWBM).

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With exceptional biscuit wheat quality, Scout remains a proven variety, both for UK milling and for the large export market and as a consequence is still popular with millers and growers alike.


Scout is well suited for all soil types and rotations, both the first and second wheat slot. It has a robust disease resistance spectrum, particularly to eyespot, rusts and Septoria, with the added benefit of resistance to orange wheat blossom midge. Scout demonstrates good resistance to sprouting.


Scout combines top quality, desired field characteristics, excellent disease resistance and good on-farm yields, ensuring it continues to have a wide appeal for growers and the market.




Scout combines top quality, desired field charateristics, excellent disease resistance and high yields in all rotations, ensuring it continues to have a wide appeal for both growers and the market. It is an ideal variety choice for the second wheat slot.





Scout is suitable for export and requires no blending.

With an impressive specific weight and an excellent hagberg even in poor seasons, Scout has superb grain characters, ensuring excellent market opportunities for the variety. Scout has consistently performed well in milling tests. It shows very good resistance to sprouting.

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Sowing date

Scout is best suited to drilling from early September until the end of January. It has all of the attributes for early drilling – slow primordial development, stiff straw, excellent disease resistance and high specific weight.


Scout is a little shy on tillering. We would suggest you increase your sowing rate by 25 seeds/m2 above your normal rate. Consult your agronomist.


Despite its very stiff straw, a routine application of PGR would be recommended with Scout at GS 31.


Premium potential for biscuit and export markets means that priority should be given to Scout at harvest. It should be stored separately to maximise the premium potential.

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  • Proven biscuit wheat

   •  Soft wheat for export

   •  Very stiff straw

   •  Excellent specific weight and impressive Hagberg

   •  Superb yellow rust resistance

  • Resistant to orange wheat blossom midge

   •  Tolerant to chlortoluron