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Spring oats

In the UK spring oats have in the past been marginalised to some extent by the higher performing winter crop. They do, however remain popular, particularly in the north where they will continue to provide a useful spring option. The move to more spring crops has seen increased intertest in the crop.

Our portfolio is diverse and includes husked and naked spring oats, as well as high oil varieties for the equine market.

Senova Oat Cropbench+ Group

We are establishing the Oat Cropbench+ Group to provide growers with valuable information and analysis to assist in the management of their crop. The aggregated data will also allow us to target areas of future oat research and maintain the competitiveness of the oat crop.

For more details and to reigster to join the Senova Oat Cropbench+ Group click here.

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Husked oats

Spring naked oats

Short, naked, high oil naked variety, with better standing power and a higher oil content than Bullion.