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Oats Cropcharts

Download a free copy of the Senova oat cropchart to help you throughout the season.

Senova Oat Cropchart

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oat breeding


Top quality husked variety with very stiff straw and excelllent mildew resistance.

Husked agronomy Naked agronomy

Short strawed spring naked oat variety with good disease resistance.

In the UK spring oats have in the past been marginalised to some extent by the higher performing winter crop. They remain popular, particularly in the north where they will continue to provide a useful spring option. The move to more spring crops has now seen increased interest in the crop.


Our portfolio is diverse and includes husked and naked spring oats, as well as high oil varieties for the equine market.


Spring oats

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   Very high yielding spring husked

oat variety. Excellent quality and early to ripen.

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