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Straw strength/maturity


Spyder has taller straw. It shows good resistance to lodging but will respond to PGRs. Please consult your agronomist for more information.



Disease resistance


Spyder has good resistance to most diseases including importantly Septoria tritici.This is reflected in its higher untreated yield and response to fungicide compared to Zuku and many other soft wheats.  

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Spyder is a Group 3 variety producing high yields both treated and untreated. With control of costs on farm becoming increasingly important, Spyder offers the grower  security throughout the season and at harvest.


It has excellent grain quality, with the highest soft wheat Hagberg on the list and should be popular with end-users.


Spyder shows good resistance to all diseases, importantly Septoria tritici and rusts, as demonstrated by its superb untreated yield.



Spyder produces high yields both treated and untreated and performs well in all sites and situations.





Spyder has the highest hagberg falling number of any soft endosperm wheat and has a specific weight equal to the market leaders. With this excellent grain quality Spyder should prove popular with millers.

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Sowing date


Spyder can be drilled from September to the end of January and may be suitable for early drilling. Despite its relatively stiff straw Spyder will respond to PGR application and you should speak to your agronomist.  


Spyder has a similar harvest date to Zulu and Claire. Premium potential for the biscuit market means that priority should be given to Spyder at harvest.It should be stored separately to maximise this premium potential.

Source: AHDB RL 2018/19 Full database available at

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