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Valerie boasts an exceptional agronomic package, with the features desired on farm.

It has superb resistance to lodging, early ripening and robust all round disease resistance, including the highest resistance rating to brown rust on the WB RL, providing growers with a possible opportunity to reduce management costs.






Valerie is a two row feed barley which offers growers the complete package of superb grain quality, high yields and impressive agronomics.


Valerie shows excellent resistance to lodging and has robust resistance to the major diseases and BaYMV. It is also early to ripen.


Valerie is proving to be a very popular choice for all regions.



Valerie produces high yields both treated and untreated. It performs well in all regions.


Valerie is one of only three two-row varieties on the winter barley RL with a specific weight above 70kg/hl.


It has big, bold grains with a high TGW and the lowest screening losses on the winter barley RL - all important characteristics required by the market.

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Source: AHDB Winter Barley RL 2020/21,

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Regional Yields


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