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Status: PGRO Recommended List 2018, P2



Vertix moves to P2 on the PGRO Recommended List 2018. It produces high yields for the large blue market. Vertix has good standing ability and excellent resistance to downy mildew and pea wilt.Importantly Vertix has a good protein content and retains its colour on cooking, an essential character for micronizing.


Vertix has produced yields similar to market favourite Prophet over four years of official trials. However, in 2015 the unusual, extremely high temperatures  in the first week of July prematurely ripened the pea varieties in trial and affected Vertix, which as a later ripening variety had not completed podding. The mean yield of Vertix therefore remains unrepresentative of its true potential.

Note: Control for yield comparisons is the mean of Prophet and Mascara



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