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Winter oats

Winter oats are not grown extensively outside the UK and IBERS is eminant in global breeding, with a long and distinguished track record. Senova varieties eminate from both the IBERS programme in Aberystwyth and our former programme in Cambridge.

Senova Oat Cropbench+ Group

We are establishing the Oat Cropbench+ Group to provide growers with valuable information and analysis to assist in the management of their crop. The aggregated data will also allow us to target areas of future oat research and maintain the competitiveness of the oat crop.

For more details and to reigster to join the Senova Oat Cropbench+ Group click here.

ADHB RL Recommended_cmyk web

Consistent, early maturing variety with good quality. Liked by growers and millers.

Popular older UK winter oat with excellent quality, overtaken now by Mascani.

UK No.1 winter oat. Good yields and excellent quality. Popular with millers.

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High yielding variety with excellent grain quality and early ripening.

New to AHDB RL 2017/18. Very high yielding, taller strawed variety. Good grain quality.

ADHB RL Recommended_cmyk web

Naked oats

Similar height to Grafton. Early to ripen. Good specific weight.

Short, stiff naked variety with improved quality


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Senova Oat Cropchart

Download a free copy of the Senova oat cropchart to help you throughout the season.

Husked oats

AHDB RL Trials, year 2. High yielding husked oat variety

Naked oats

AHDB RL Trials, year 2. High yielding naked oat variety with a good specific weight. It has stiff straw and good disease resistance.